Nolan Ryan - DARK BLUE AUTO 1/1 by Blake Jamieson

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This 2019 Heritage-Nolan Ryan was hand painted by the artist, and signed in dark blue ink on the front. The back of the card says "August 2020" (Series 001) and "1/1." It also has artist Blake Jamieson's hologram sticker on the back of the card.

The card is sealed in a 35pt Ultra Pro One-Touch magnetic case, and sealed with the official CardArt sticker. 

Product Details:

(1) 2.5"x3.5" trading card encased in one-touch magnetic case

Autographed by CardArt Artist, Blake Jamieson with dark blue ink - Hand Numbered 1/1

Includes Sealed Authentic Label & Letter of Authenticity

Product Type: CardArt Batch 001

Property: MLB

Year: 2019

Team: New York Mets

Player: Nolan Ryan

Artist Name: Blake Jamieson

Limited #: 1/1