Blake Jamieson 

Twitter: @blakejamieson

Instagram: @athlete.portraits


Born in San Francisco, California in 1985, Blake Jamieson is making a name for himself in the art world. He has been compared to the likes of Shepard Fairey and Alec Monopoly. In 2020 Blake started working with Topps, redesigning 20 iconic baseball cards alongside 19 other artists for Project 2020. Since then he has launched a solo set, Topps 1951 by Blake Jamieson, and is currently working on Project70. Blake's art is in the collections of Howie Mandel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rick Harrison, and over 250 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, and PLL. His art has also been purchased for international private collections, including in Spain, Canada, Dubai, Australia, and Switzerland.



Paul Jennis

Twitter: @paul_jennis

Instagram: @pjennis_fineart


Paul Jennis is a professional fine artist based in New Jersey. In addition to his work on Game Within The Game, Paul has worked for 30+ years as an illustrator and painter of collectibles, murals and portraits, including Bradford Exchange’s Gone With The Wind series, which sold more than 1 million collectible plates. Paul’s work includes the completion of murals across the country and portraits of esteemed State Governors, Supreme Court Judges and CEOs.  



Dan Baumfeld

Twitter: @thirddanart


 Dan Baumfeld (ThirdDanArt) is a multi-faceted artist who has been making baseball card art using various mediums including sliced up baseball cards. Dan also works in various digital formats, making completely digital cards, and digital content for other art projects. Dan has built roots in fine art for the last 20 years, using pen and ink, oil pastels and oil

Mike Bryan a.k.a. Obi Wan Jabroni

Twitter: @jabroni32308

Mike Bryan: mechanic/shop manager by day and card artist by night. Lifelong sports fan, been doodlin on cards since the #Junkwax Era. Sharpies have always been the tool of choice but things escalated quickly during 2020. Now nothing is off limits. I make collectibles that I would collect and there's no telling what new series you'll see come outta #Project1991 HQ next....


Matthew Burke

Twitter: @alloystang

Instagram: @Burkesworkshop

Matthew has been a woodworker for over 20+ years and currently owns a remodeling company with his wife in Northern Virginia. Like many others, he collected baseball cards throughout his I childhood. During the pandemic, many of these cards were unearthed and with not much value to them, he began combining his love of cards and carpentry. Matthew uses real wood, to create very thin "frames" around the front of the card. Sometimes gluing up to 12 very small pieces together to create the illusion the wood is part of the card. This method allows the back to be untouched. 


Todd Clark a.k.a Lunchmade a.k.a. Rad Dude

Instagram and Twitter: @lunchmade

Baseball is life. I play, teach, watch, collect and breathe the sport. Born and raised San Diegan with a passion for all that is the Padres. My life has always been surrounded by sports, music and the arts... oh and I love a good beer (many times I incorporate beer labels in my work).

Earned Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Mixed Media Sculpture from Arizona State University in 1998 but only started making artwork again due to Covid.

Merging the passion of baseball cards, my art background, throw in some popular culture and voila... you get my spin on CardArt. I value my blade skills and attention to detail and am addicted to cards.


Hollywu Desai

Instagram: legendsofhollywu

Bio Coming Soon!



David Garcia - Garcia Studios

Twitter & Instagram: @garciastudios

David has been collecting sports cards since he was 7 years old, in 1978. It's been such a touchstone for David, his Dad, and 2 brothers. They literally have been opening sports card packs for over 42 years now. David started designing his own baseball cards after taking tons of photographs at Spring Training, in 2018. He then caught himself wondering..."Hey, why can't I create my own baseball cards?" His passion and joy for the hobby has continued to grow from there.

Jason Johnson - a.k.a. California JJ

Twitter: @weze2

Instagram: californiajj79

 Jason grew up in Big Bear City California, a small town in the San Bernardino Mountains. He is in the portable power industry by day and card artist by night. But first and foremost is GOD, Family and Friends. #girldad. He has been a collector since 1989. Collecting mostly baseball and basketball early in life but has grown to enjoy all forms of card collecting. Although he is not a formally trained artist, he has always had a creative mind. He has been framing jerseys and has an interest in making clocks out of reclaimed wood. As for most people when Covid-19 hit the world we all had to find a solo path in our adventures. When Topps came out with Topps Project 2020 is when California JJ was born. Seeing the likes of Blake Jamieson, Ben Baller, and Mister Cartoon come up with some out of this world cards was a big part of him looking deeper in to himself to create the cards he does today. He says the “key is figuring out the fine line of art and destroying a sports card.”


Jason Schwartz - a.k.a. Heavy J

Twitter: @HeavyJ28

Instagram: @heavyjstudioa


Jason Schwartz is the collage artist behind Heavy J Studios and the popular twitter account. He has been a card collector and Dodger fan since 1978 and is raising $25,000 for charity during the pandemic through the making and selling of baseball card art. Jason is active in the Society for American Baseball Research where he is the national co-chair of its Baseball Cards Research Committee and has written more than 50 articles on the history of baseball cards. His artwork has been featured in the Sporting News, Sports Collectors Daily, and on multiple podcasts and livestreams.


Mike Smith - a.k.a. Mister Shake

Twitter: @MrShakeCardArt

Mr. Shake began making card art during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic when he began rummaging through his childhood card collection. Overwhelmed with the amount of “junk wax” he had, he decided to harnesses his creativity by cutting and doodling on the cards to give them new life. In July of 2020, Mr. Shake decided to take his art to the internet to share his creations with the world. Mr. Shake quickly realized that there were other card artists out there as well, and began interacting with the community and constantly pushing himself to refine his style and improve his craft. Mr. Shake primarily works to create 1/1 collages, using various baseball cards, papers and other mediums in his cards. Additionally, his cards always include his distinct bright, colorful hand-painted polka dots and embellishments that make his creations pop. All in all, Mr. Shake sets out to use his card art as a way to bring positivity, creativity, and fun to the baseball card community. When he isn’t making card art, Mr. Shake is a high-school history teacher and lifelong NY Mets fan who enjoys cooking, relaxing and traveling with his wife.